Tune in

Being in tune requires a balance of internal and external awareness. These skills allow us to listen to and better understand those around us which in turn helps us make new connections and adapt to life's hardships.


Empower clients to tune in to their inner voice and learn functional skills that will lead to a satisfied life in mind, body, and spirit.  

Hi, I'm Bethany

I am a lifelong learner and proud Kansas Citian. From an early age I loved to ask questions, read, and travel. Change has rarely scared me as I take it as a sign of progress and adventure. I grew up in a multi-ethnic household with four siblings close in age. My family breathed creativity- whether it was my mom baking cakes and pottery making, dad sketching on napkins, or my sister and I singing duets at church. I discovered music therapy just as I thought nothing could combine my unique ambitions for music, medicine, and service. I married my high school sweetheart in 2016 and am mom to two beautiful toddlers.

My Experience

I graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Music Therapy degree and went on to intern at University Hospitals in Cleveland, OH. I have been a board certified music therapist practicing in the KC area since 2017. I am a skilled vocalist and guitarist and utilize various percussion in my practice. I am passionate about using a holistic, client-centered approach to help people learn or regain skills to improve their quality of life. I have built two successful music therapy programs for youth at outpatient mental health facilities, and have collaborated with other specialties, such as speech and physical therapy, to improve ADLs, attention to task, word finding, etc. in adults with traumatic brain injury. I am also an experienced group facilitator, focusing on improving coping skills, socialization, and movement. I established my private practice September of 2021, and have truly enjoyed using my musical and clinical skills to serve my community.

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